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You need not be a prolific writer to publish posts with pull. Nor must you be SEO savvy to turn out text with traction. Writing wizardry is not required to make content magic happen. In fact, you don’t even have to write a single word. Copywriting solutions are available.

What would aid you in the journey to discovering copywriting solutions is a general understanding of what copywriting is, a general concept of content marketing, and the wisdom to delegate tasks outside of your element to an independently contracted freelance writer. Then, you can place your attention on what’s important: your business.

T​he Power and Purpose of Copywriting and Content Marketing

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Written words have a number of powerful effects on the web. 

Text on the page, even if just a headline for a video or image, is the way to communicate with leads and customers. It’s the bait with which you draw in your reader’s attention. Even if you’re using video and images in your marketing, words are all you have to convince a user to click your link.

You’ll use writing in campaigns to connect with clients along every phase in your sales funnel and across a plethora of platforms.

T​he words you choose will decide if the reader stays with you long enough to consider your offerings. Or, on the contrary, if they leave your space in seconds with disregard. Your written content is applied to:

  • Website pages
  • Landing pages
  • Blog posts
  • Email blasts
  • Social media posts
  • Print marketing materials
  • Product Descriptions

Here’s a three-minute video that makes it easy to understand the need for copywriting.

Beating Bounce Rates

“Bounce rate” is a phrase used to measure whether a user stays on your site to garner more information or leaves your website in a matter of seconds having determined the content unhelpful.

Content is King, But You Knew that Already

To keep a reader on your website, and to hopefully convert that reader to a lead, you must provide high-quality, relevant, trustworthy content.

Web users tend to turn away from business websites that have obvious typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, or poor format before they even read the text on the page. For this reason, it’s vital that your copywriting be clean. Poorly constructed content increases bounce rates.

Focus on the Readers’ Needs, Not Your Own

Most people also tend to frown upon any content focused solely on a business and what that business provides. In other words, they don’t want to feel as though you’re selling to them.

Instead of tooting your own horn or boasting about your expertise, demonstrate that expertise by creating content that answers questions your reader may be asking.

The goal of your content is to make life easier for the reader.

Back Up Your Claims with Proof

Today’s internet surfers know how to dig in the virtual goldmine for information they need, and how to filter out the waste.

When your content is comprised primarily of “fluff,” words that lack substance, is keyword stuffed, self-absorbed, or when your claims are not substantiated with proof, readers declare your website to be of no value to them. This lack of trust can be detrimental to your business.

When a search engine powerhouse like Google recognizes that readers are consistently bouncing away from your site, you begin to lose website authority. Losing rank with Google means your page becomes harder to find in the thousands of search query results. Needle. Haystack.

Meaty content that holds a user’s attention will keep your business from succumbing to bad bounce rates.

Fueling t​he SEO Machine

The second element of writing successful content has to do with search engine optimization or SEO. 

Search engines such as Google use algorithms to gauge:

  • How long a user stays on your website
  • The number of actions that user takes, such as: 
    • Opening a link
    • Watching a video
    • Clicking through images
    • Sharing the page
  • How often that user returns to your site

These metrics contribute to search engine authority, which translates to high rankings. 

High rankings are important because they increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search engine results, which elevates website traffic and lead generation. 

The more traffic flowing through your website, the higher your rankings climb. 

Content fuels success.

Developing a Content Marketing Plan

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Content marketing plans are the foundation for rolling out consistent, relevant content in an organized, purposeful way.

Have a content marketing plan: an outline of what you plan to publish, the consistency with which you expect to post, the outlets where you’ll be sharing your content, and the desired results of your campaigns. 

A well-structured content marketing plan prevents you from pulling at your hair while staring at a blank screen wondering what in the world you can post on the fly – because deep down, you know you should be posting something.

In fact, not only is a content marketing plan one of the best copywriting solutions, it’s the ONLY way to lay out the map that leads to the path of success through content marketing.

Defining Your Audience

In developing your content marketing plan, define your audience. Who are you trying to attract?

Wrap your mind around the demographics of your ideal customer. By doing this, you empower your words to convey ideas in a tone that speaks directly to your target market.

There’s more to copywriting than filling a blank page with text.

Publishing Consistently with Purpose

You’ve got to do more than publish a blog post every two or three months. The best content marketing plans coordinate pre-determined goals amongst blog content, social media posts, email newsletters, and other streamlined marketing efforts.

For best results, you should be publishing content on a consistent schedule. If you only post once a month, make it on the same day each month so readers know when they can expect to hear from you. Ideally, you’d release new content on a weekly basis to keep your readers’ attention while drawing in new viewers.

You can also work with insights and metrics to determine which days and times your users typically engage with your content. By knowing when your readers are online, you can maximize engagement and page views.

Adding a Copywriter to Your Team

person writing in a notebook on a desk next to a laptop with crumpled up papers on the desk.

Creating content is something you already know is paramount to promoting your business online and in print marketing materials. 

But do you have time to construct a comprehensive content marketing plan by yourself? Are you a competent writer? Can you follow through with hours of research, writing, editing, and search engine optimization? 

It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

You’ve developed the awareness of leverage and delegation. It’s impossible to be a one-person show and still reach high levels of success without burning out. You need a team of supporting professionals you can trust to get the job done.

Why You Need a Copywriter

According to’sUltimate List of Marketing Statistics, “Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)”

Not only does compelling copywriting generate more leads through organic search, but it also builds trust and nurtures relationships with your readers.

In fact, in the same Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics, according to Demand Gen Report, 2016, “47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.”

No matter what business you’re in, you need written content. But that doesn’t mean you should pull your energy, time, and talents away from your natural skills, passions, and focus so you can try to become a copywriter for your own company.

You may be convinced you can’t afford a copywriter. But, if you want your content marketing and lead generation to be successful, you can’t afford not to have a seasoned writer on your side. Furthermore, as an independent contractor, your writer won’t need to be on your payroll with benefits.


Small business owners are overwhelmed by their awareness of the content marketing machine. But the lack of inspiration, ability, or the time to manifest compelling content causes stress and anxiety, if not a sense of failure. 

You shouldn’t be buried in a realm of words when your focus is needed on building your business. There are copywriting solutions available for you to tap into. You don’t need to be a one-person show. Consider working with a freelance copywriter who can help you express the voice of your business.

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